Pale Brown Cornucopia Candle 7,5x10cm (Cópia) (Cópia) (Cópia)




Instructions for use:
– Place the candle on a heat-resistant surface and avoid heaters or other hot surfaces.
– Avoid lighting the candle in areas where children or pets are present.
– Always keep the candle in an upright position so that the wax burns evenly. When you have erased it, let the wax cool down before using it again.
– Keep the cut wick 1 cm above the wax so that it burns properly.
– Keep the wax free of residue.
– Always use it away from textiles, ventilation ducts and fans. If you use more than one candle at the same time, leave a space of 21 cm between them.
– Extinguish the candle after 4 hours of uninterrupted use, and never leave the candle burning unattended in a room. Always use a candle extinguisher.
– Extinguish the candle before it is completely consumed, always leaving at least 1 cm of wax.

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